Why is a metal gang box dangerous for temporary power?

The “traditional” metal gang box on the end of a cord has been a danger for many years.....

There are several reasons for the danger:

• Metal boxes are designed for permanently wired installations, not portable temp power.
• No weatherproofing except for outdoor location FS types.
• HOT box danger. (See below)
• Hand Hazard with sharp edges

No to Metal Boxes

What is a HOT Box and how a GFCI can provide a FALSE sense of security.

As the diagram shows, the metal gang box can have a common situation in
which the earth ground is poor or not connected. There can be a hot short to
the metal box in which you now have a “hot” box. The short will not trip the circuit
breaker nor will the GFCI trip. The GFCI sensor only watches the “load” side
of the receptacle, not the line side. The GFCI is worthless in this situation.

Hot Metal Box


Select a non-metallic gang box from Ericson Mfg Co that is injection molded out of rubber that will provide a safer use of electricity in drop cord/box or cordset applications. 

Several options to chose from....click on a link below to learn more.

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