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What is a Push Button Pendant Station or Pendant Control?

Pendant Stations or Pendant Controls are a series of simple switches that control much larger electrical loads through various means such as relays, Programmable Logic Controllers ( PLCs) or other automation circuitry.........

These switches are housed in a special weather proof enclosure that attaches to and
hangs from the electrical cable which the control signals flow back and forth. These simple
switches are described in terms of motion and switching characteristics.

Ericson's Pendant Stations are typically used to control industrial cranes and hoists or the
remote control of industrial machines. Pendant control stations are specifically designed
for lifting and handling applications, they enable direct control of motors and can be
used for direct motor switching.

Typical Applications:

  • Cranes/Hoists
  • Food Processing
  • Motor Control
  • Mixers/Grinders
  • PLC Inputs
  • Pumps
  • Automation Inputs
  • Conveyors/Sorters

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